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- State of Matter : Liquid 


- Size : 1,000ml 


- Description : Technique of ammonia removal, oxygrino carbon source, is applied to this product. Alkaline compound strain can promote the feeding rate, water purification and its growth.


- Features and Details : Increases the rate of feed absorption and excellence in water purification. As an super compound lactobacillus, increases the rate of digestion, feed absorption, growth speed and shorten the shipping rate on its oral intake. As an super compound lactobacillus, increases growth rate on its oral intake Decreases the level of ammonia after water purification for recirculation and non-recirculation water. Successful water purification within 7days with micro-organism active agent in fish farm.


- Directions :For oral intake. 20~30cc per 1kg(if use compound juice instead of wtaer, the feeding rate will increase) for the young fish or eel. 200cc(a paper cup) of Raphael per 20kg of dried feed for oral intake of black and white feed.



※ 20cc~30cc of Raphael per 1kg of nibbling feed.


For water purification. Inject 1L of super lactobacillus coumpound per a 30-ton of recirculating water with micro-organism active agent in a filter tank. 1L per a 10-ton of water in case of water and farm where has cement toxicity.