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Sulfur Water

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  • South Korea South Korea
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- State of Matter : Liquid 


- Size : 1,000ml 


- Description : This product is detoxified by using micro-organism and water fungus is used for it. It helps prevent and control water argus or mold. 


- Features and Details :· Liquefied from the solid obtained from active volcano and nontoxic to humans and animals. Effective in controlling causes of molds and germs.Increases the rate of absorption by a combination of detoxified sulfur and minerals. Stresses fish populations at a low rate, as this natural, eco-friendly product doesn’t develop resistance.Prevents skin disorders that pccur during movement for fish selection. Prevents mold disease that occur in underground water 


- Directions : Dilution : 40ppm per 1-ton. Instant medicinal bath : 250ppm



※ Adjust ratio formula because the time of medicinal bath and dilution ratio can be diffrent on water temperature.